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our story

The Season was established towards the end of 2021 in Enniskerry, co. Wicklow. 

It was founded by three individuals passionate about making a positive impact on their community. 

In response to the lack of independence in the food industry, they took on the endeavor of growing their own vegetables and sought to share their expertise with others. 

They soon discovered numerous talented farmers, artisans and artists within Ireland who were not receiving the recognition they deserved.

This realization led to the formation of collaborative partnerships that transcended competition often seen in larger corporations. 


As they cultivated the land and built a small customer base, they actively participated in farmer's markets and networking events to establish a support system for all involved. 


Although the original founders are now pursuing new ventures, The Season continues to thrive under the leadership of Marta. 

With over 13 years of experience in diverse multicultural environments in Italy and Ireland, Marta is dedicated to prioritizing high-quality food made from scratch or foraged, while promoting a sustainable approach to waste reduction.


what they say about us

"In a time of constant change, a dependable catering service is invaluable. We, at San Patrizio Livorno Festival [SPFL], were fortunate to partner with "The Season" for our secret gig launch in dublin. for us "the season" stands out with its commitment to artisanal craftsmanship. their seasonally-insipired, locally-sourced delights from savoury bakery to rich sauces, pizzas, and focaccia are top notch quality. their dedication and professionalism ensured a seamless experience. at spfl, we have a soft spot for ventures that blend the best italian and irish inspirations and "the season" does precisely that. we highly recommend them and wish good luck!" [Q-ROB for SPLF]

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