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June Updates and Collaboration : Namawe Skincare

Updated: Aug 19

June has arrived  at last with the sun and the elderflowers and this time we will focus on giving you some much needed updates:

After long debate we have decided that we won't be attending Merrion Square Market anymore and that we will instead join St. Ann's Farmer Market!

You will find us at St.Ann's Park from Saturday 17th of June onwards.

Now, the most exciting news:

In the last few months we have been brewing a marvellous collaboration with Namawe Skincare!

Maria and Colin, the creators of Namawe, are focusing on the beauty and healing properties of the irish ingredients surrounding us, promoting a slower lifestyle, that aims to recreate a sense of community very similar to what we have in mind at The Season.

Their products are out of this world: organic, healing, with no chemicals that dry and ruin our skin.

Perfect for sensitive skin, their fantastic soaps and balms are made in Westport co. Mayo and contain medicinal herbs grown and foraged in Ireland.

Starting from Saturday 17th of June, The Season will be hosting a selection of the best selling products for Namawe on the Irish East

coast, giving you the chance to try and fall in love with these wonderful soaps and balms.

We strongly invite you to visit their website to have a taste of what is about to come:

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