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Seasonal Facts for April 2023

Updated: Jun 7

green chard leaf on dark background
Chard is a vitamin bomb, containing some 300% of vitamin K daily intake in just one portion.
What is about to be in season while the weather is still this cold? Chard of course!

We sowed the first seeds last summer,transplanted them last autumn and they are now getting ready to be harvested! While we continue the process and have new seedlings on the way and soon more seed.

But why is Chard good for? 250gr of chopped Swiss Chard provides more than 300% of the daily value for vitamin K with only 35 kcal. Chard is rich in beta-carotene, packed with antioxidants, contains high levels of vitamin A and C, magnesium, potassium, iron and fibre.

a chard focaccia in a food market
Fresh chard can be used as a tortilla wrap or even for soups, sauces, omelettes, focaccia...
Eating this leafy green improves digestion and regulates blood sugar levels. If you suffer from kidney stones you might want to discuss your diet first with your medical practitioner. How can I introduce this in my diet?

When it comes to taste it's not the kind of veggie you want raw as it's extremely bitter due to oxalic acid. Stir fried with some garlic and olive oil is one of the best ways to enjoy it but as we show you every week it can be used for many recipes! The profile taste reminds a lot spinach can be used in soups, casseroles, quiches.

It pairs very well with soft cheeses like Ricotta, Mascarpone that complement beautifully the flavour.

But it's worth a shot even only steamed with some lemon juice (that's how Fred loves it)!

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